Collection: Guilty Pleasures Collection

A tad bit naughty and a whole lot of delicious. Inspired by experiences you just can't get enough of. 

Introducing the unholy trifecta:

Happy Hour - tequila + fruit punch + prosecco

[ fruity ; citrusy ; sweet ] As the name suggests, this is inspired by Happy Hour and the fruity, bubbly cocktails that come with it. Reminiscent of a night full of fun and free of inhibitions with your close friends.

Tobacco Tavern - tobacco + saffron + oak moss

[ woody ; smokey ; earthy ] You're in an old school cigar club in an outskirts of a small town where the scent of tobacco blends with the earthy tinge that comes with the countryside breeze and the lux sandalwood furniture that decorated the small, but lux tavern.

Kush Paradise - cannabis + amber + cedarwood

[ earthy ; slightly woody ] Stars seem brighter as you sat on the sand, toes curling at the warmth of the small fireplace in front of you. You take a puff, breathing in the air into your lungs and holding you breath momentarily before you exhaled slow. The scent of cannabis blended in with the sea breeze and smoke coming from the camp fire - bring you a lightness and calm you've been craving all week long.

And other fun, slightly naughty things:

Retail Therapy - vanilla tonka + cocoa butter + citrus

 [ sweet ; warm ; slightly woody ] Nothing compares to the euphoria you get when you go shopping. There's just something about how the stores are decorated with the best lights to highlight beautiful items of luxury, with the soft music in the background coupled with the delicious scent that permeates throughout the store. This scent is inspired that the euphoria of that complete, luxurious experience.

Cafe Haven - espresso + vanilla + cinnamon

[ coffee ; vanilla ; bakery ] Slow days are best spent at your favourite cafe. Why? It's a marriage of sight, scent, sound and feeling. You have a cozy interior consisting mostly of natural wood that just feels safe. Then there's the scent of fresh pastries coupled with the deep, full-bodied scent of coffee beens that satiates the senses coupled with the slow jazz in the background. This cafe never fails to make you feel welcome and safe.

Sweet Indulgence - chocolate + caramel + brown sugar

 [ chocolate ; sugar ; sweet ] Are you a sweet tooth? Is there an endless list of chocolate desserts you love out there? This scent blend just might be for you!

Imagine biting into a warm fudge brownie and feeling that dark & sweet chocolate melting in your mouth. If enjoying your favourite desert was a scent, this is exactly it.