Collection: White Christmas Collection *Limited Edition

I'm dreamin' of a white christmas . . .

Let this 3 especially curated scent bring you a dreamy Christmas Experience, or perhaps reignite a precious holiday memory.

We bring you . . .

Alpine Christmas - fir + pine trees + cinnamon

Cozy up in the cold winter in a warm, fluffy blanket wrapped around your shoulders as you lean closer towards the fireplace. Cold fingers wrap around a warm mug of cinnamon tea as you took an inhale that brings you the inviting scent of the fresh Christmas tree that was just brought in this morning from a local vendor, blending in with the scent of cardamom and cinnamon.

This is inarguably your favorite scent of the holidays, where the fresh pine marries with the scent of wood burning in the fireplace and the sweet scent of Christmas delicacies and beverages,

Winter Nostalgia - green apple + clove + cinnamon

There never was a louder household than it was in your family's, especially during a Christmas day. Excited exclaims filled the dining room as the long-awaited dessert was brought out as was a winter family lunch tradition and how lucky you were to have it placed right in front of you.

An inhale brings you the sweet scent of caramel-drizzled, cinnamon-sprinkled apple pie by your favorite auntie. Your mouth near watered as she sliced a piece just for you, and you near giggled when you took a peak at the rest of your family who was longingly looking at the apple pie, eager for their turn. 

Festive Spirit - traditional mulled wine 

It was your first Christmas away from home, your first year out of college and you expected it would be a lonesome Christmas where you would call your family who, as usual, had a huge celebration and head straight to bed soon after. Instead, your roommate brought more than a few of her friends home and soon after, there was Christmas karaoke and laughter filling the room that was once dead silent.

The room was dark safe for the flashing of Christmas light from the synthetic pine tree and the TV displaying the lyrics to "Baby It's Cold Outside". A snort came next to you as your room mate seated herself beside you with a mug in hand, amusement in her eyes as she stared at the couple's hilarious attempt at the festive song.

She handed the warm mug to you with a smile, and the scent immediately made your mouth water as it reminded you of your mom's own recipe. A bright smile lit your face as you took a little sip followed by a hum of pleasure at the taste.

"Made mulled wine." she said simply. "Something to remind you of home!"