Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story & Vision

Our brand is all about the experience. From the blended scents inspired by memories, the images that reflect the essence of each scent and to the special way we package your orders like gifts.

What we want is to bring calm and light to your days through every little details - because you deserve it!

We take our time with our scents, blending a delicious mixture of fragrance oil and essential oil to recreate the essence of activities that bring us calm and happiness. We ensure to be mindful of our ingredients and packaging, always prioritising the non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives. This is so our candles can bring you calm guilt-free.

And as a cherry on top, we present our candles as a gift to you, our customer because you deserve products worth your money and time. We hope, as you find the perfect gift for yourself, you find the perfect gift for you loved ones through our custom candles.

Our Founder

I say "About Us", but really - for now, it's just me. I'm Claudine and one of my talents include DIY crafts and one of my obsessions? Candles. Particularly natural wax candles. 

Every month, I would budget some money for a new big jar of candle made with either coconut or soy wax and go on to explore different brands. Until one day, I decided I would start making candles myself. You see, I have this slight obsession with linking scents with activities. I would literally take a whiff of the first breeze of winter air and it would bring me back to a vivid memory from my adolescent days where my friends and I would chill at our rooftop spot. It would bring a smile to my face and so this was what I wanted as my niche when the realisation came that this candle-making hobby of mine could be a business.

Hiraya Scent & Co. gave me a place that brought marriage to all my little obsessions on scents, creating and gifting along with all my skills. It allowed me to thrive in my ability to work independently and fed my thirst to learn, create and inspire. As a result, this became my passion and my vision for the future.

So when I say, "About Us", I am speaking for this business and I. I am also speaking for the vision of the future where this brand grows to more than just "I" and into a team. To the future where it's more than just candles we offer to bring calm and light into your life.