Marbled Candle with Wine Workshop

You've heard of Paint & Wine but have you heard of Marbling Candle Making & Wine? And no, we won't be sipping wine while making candles since we will be dealing with high temperatures & safety-first always!

We'll start off this 2-hour workshop with complete focus on candle-making up to pouring our wax & fragrance blend into our jars. You get to choose either SOLID candle or Marbled candle design as well as add CRYSTALS!

While we wait for the wax to dry and solidify, we'll enjoy some fresh fruits and a complimentary glass of some red wine (or two) to cool down - with the option to socialize, as well as shop for more candles and candle accessories!

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We will use sustainably-sourced, non-toxic ingredients

- Sustainably-sourced Coconut Apricot Wax

- Natural Wooden Wick

- Selection of 12 Fragrance Oils that are phthalates-free and non-toxic

- Clear Glass Jar with Black Lid with capacity of 220g


 Upcoming Sessions:

26 may, friday - 7pm to 9pm

27 may, saturday - 11am to 1pm

10 june, saturday - 6pm to 8pm

23 june, friday - 7pm to 9pm

24 june, saturday - 11:30am to 1:30pm