Refill Your Candles & Diffusers

Piling up on jars at home you would like to repurpose? We now offer candle & diffuser refill for any jars of your choice. 

(Exception: Jars that cave inwards or outwards for more than 1 inch are not suitable for candles as the flame size would not be suitable for drastically different, dual inner diameters)


Candle Refill: 120$ per 100g (lasts about 20 hours per 100g)

Minimum - 220g

Diffuser Refill: 200$ per 100g (lasts about a month and a half per 100g)

Minimum - 120g

Trade Instructions:

Either ship it to us at S412, 4/F Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, PMQ, Central, Hong Kong at your own cost, & we will ship the refilled product to you (free shipping to you for only for purchases 400$ and above)

Or drop it off and pick up at the same location.

Alternatively, drop it off at DB Market & you will receive it back via SF express.

Processing + Shipping Timeline is 1 week.

Cleaning Fee:

40$ per jar or clean it yourself as instructed in this video

Please peel off your label if you would like a new one or the cleaning fee will apply!

Fill in form below and attach a photo of your jar for a quotation.