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"has a really nice burn"

I love this candle, it uses a wood wick so has a really nice burn which allows the scent to travel throughout the room. I’ve just moved to a new apartment and it has that new build/paint smell. I left the candle burn for the whole morning and it’s changed the feel of the place already.

Loy Lee

"the scent is sooo amazing"

These candles are my new favorite. the scent is sooo amazing with a very long burning. they really take care of their product and you can see it in all the details from the label to the packaging. I also love that it is a product of the local community and a business run by a woman.


"my friends like the scent and the personalised design so much"

Prompt and good service. I was able to receive the candles in two days and my friends like the scent and the personalised design so much. Highly recommend this for the gift to friends or love ones


"Perfect little gifts that gets everyone smiling!"

Great products, beautiful scents, and extra fast delivery! Perfect little gifts that get everyone smiling!


"Super soothing & calming after a long day"

I love the unique wick & how it flickers. Different from other candles I've bought in the past (and I buy ALOT of candles). Super soothing & calming after a long day.


Every scent has a story.

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Hiraya Scent & Co.

Our brand is all about the experience. From the blended scents inspired by memories, the images that reflect the essence of each scent and to the special way we package your orders like gifts. What we want is to bring calm and light to your days through every little detail - because you deserve it.

Custom Candles

Looking for something for someone special? Customise a memorable candle with their name and a message on the label!

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