Our Ingredients

We pride ourselves in being an eco-conscious brand. We have picked the following ingredients in order to bring you the best quality of scents while sourcing materials that are eco-friendly.
Coconut Apricot Wax
This is a luxurious wax blend made from coconut, apricot and a minuscule amount of highly refined, food-grade paraffin.
 - Sustainable-sourced, Biodegradable, Natural
- Clean burning, Toxin-free, Phthalate-free
Wooden Wick
Sustainably-sourced wooden wick that offers a more eco-friendly option than most cotton wicks. Aside from that, it offers a light crackling sound that is reminiscent of a mini camp fire.
Fragrance Oil Blended with Essential Oils
We offer a luxurious blend of fragrance oils blended with essential oils to recreate the essence of experiences.
Our packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly.
- biodegradable, corn starch foam to protect our candles during shipping
- we avoid the use of plastic and when we do, we only use PVC (recyclable)
- recyclable paper and materials