Collection: The Revitalize Collection

Essences inspire by activities that we love to do to restore and recharge our energies. Let this be your guide to restoration.

Seaside Stroll - tropical & sweet - coconut + sea salt + sage

reminiscent of walking barefoot on the sand above the shoreline, the cool summer breeze tickling at your skin as all you can smell is the sea salt in the wind and the sweet scent of your coconut scented sunscreen

Mountainside Trek - earthy & fresh - juniper + eucalyptus + pine

reminiscent of a winter hike with the cold mountain air blending with the fresh scent of ripe berries and greenery around you as you ascended the mountain side

Day At The Spa - floral & luxurious - lavender + white tea + bergamot

reminiscent of a visit in the spa where your senses are enveloped in a luxurious blend of lavender and bergamot essential oil and that delicious white tea they serve you as soon as you walk through the door.

Fireplace Read - woodsy & manly - smoked oud + teakwood + leather

reminiscent of nights you sit by a fireplace, book in hand as you curl into the comfort and warmth of your couch, a warm tea in hand as you delve into a journey of fantasy escapism.

Long Warm Bath - fruity & citrusy - grapefruit + peach + honey

reminiscent of a warm bath after a long day, the scent at of a fruity, citrusy concoction from the bath bomb wafting through the steam in the air as you soak in warm

All Day In Bed - floral & powdery - cotton blossom + linen + sweet orange

 reminiscent of the lazy days where you just want to stay in your bed, sleep through most of the day in the warm embrace of your warm duvet, and the heavenly scent of your freshly washed sheets