Marbled Crystal Candle Workshop


Learn the basics of candle making and let your creativity run wild with our selection of scents, unique marbling technique and selection of crystal chips.

As a cherry on top - this workshop comes with complimentary, celebratory drinks once the candle has been poured and is solidifying. Wine not?

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More on the experience:

We start with an exploration of scents where you are can select your pick of 2 or 3 fragrances to blend together in order to create your own signature scents. This is followed by the basics of candle making where we calculate oil to wax ratios in which we also discuss the properties of our sustainable and non-toxic Coconut Apricot Wax and Luxury Fragrance Oils.

We then get to the exciting part where you get to choose your design, be it a solid color candle in 7 color options or a multi-color marbled design. This part is completely DIY so you can let your creativity lead you. Our experienced host(s) will assist you when you need it of course!

Once the candles are poured, complimentary drinks or two will be served. You can then sit back and relax and watch our candle experts design your candle tops as you like it or for the brave souls - give it a go yourself!

Optional DIY labels will be offered too. But if you're too mesmerized by your gorgeous marbling design, feel free to opt out!