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Fireplace Read Room/Linen Spray

Fireplace Read Room/Linen Spray

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Fireplace Read Room/Linen Spray 200g

smoked oud + teakwood + leather

category - woodsy : masculine

Hear the crackling of the wood submerged in dancing, contained flames and feel the warmth this brings you as your sat by the fireplace. A leather book in hand, flipping through pages with anticipation as you are transported into a whole different reality painted by words.

Excitement, elation, warmth and curiosity - emotions that fill you as you went on a journey of fictional escapism, taking you away from the tension and stress that built up throughout the week. All this, accompanied by the warmth from the furnace and the hot tea that sat just an arm's reach away. What more could you need?

Non-Toxic, Sustainably Sourced Base

Blend of Phthalates-free Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil

As the base is natural witch hazel, shake before you spray for best results!

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