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Mountainside Trek Room/Linen Spray

Mountainside Trek Room/Linen Spray

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Mountainside Trek Room/Linen Spray 200g

Juniper + Eucalyptus + Pine

category - earthy : fresh

You try to catch your breath as you take more steps as you ascended the mountainside, with each inhale, you take in the sweet scent of the greenery around you as the cool winter air tickles your skin. You feel yourself smile as you let yourself close your eyes for a moment, forgetting the strain on your muscles and taking in the sound of the mountain air and the leaves rustling in the trees.

A few more steps and you reach the mountain-top, and with a sigh and a look of awe, you let yourself admire the views of mountains, rivers and the ocean. Definitely worth it.

Non-Toxic, Sustainably Sourced Base

Blend of Phthalates-free Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil

As the base is natural witch hazel, shake before you spray for best results!

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