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Long Warm Bath Candle

Long Warm Bath Candle

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Grapefruit + Peach + Honey

category - citrusy : fruity 

 Light steam permeated through every crevice of the small, cozy bathroom. You sigh as you make your way to the bathtub, heavy steps laced with the exhaustion pent up from the long day.

You bent down, finger tips running through the water that was almost to the right level, another sigh of relief leaving your lips at the perfect warmth of the water. In goes the citrusy bath bomb that fizzled out in the water, bubbles building under running water. Almost immediately, the delicious scent of grapefruit, peach and honey hits you.

Slowly, you sank in, the cold in your bones being chased away by the warmth that was almost scalding but was utter perfection. You sat back, closing your eyes, planning to stay until the warmth of the water fades and the wine in the bottle next to you was all gone. Now this, this is self-care.

Phthalate-free, Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly

Sustainably Sourced Coconut Apricot Wax

Blend of Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil

Long Burn Time: 50 Hours for 220g, 20 Hours for 90g

Hand-poured in Small Batches.

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